JSJ is a key supporter for foreigners wanting to work in Japan.
Jobs Sakura Japan

About services

Company’s  Philosophy

Japan has entered a declining society, and the labor shortage will become increasingly serious in the future. Accepting foreign workers is inevitable for the survival of the company. Our philosophy is to bridge the gap between Japanese companies and foreign workers who are unfamiliar with accepting foreigners, and to help them coexist and prosper.

Service features

1) For job seekers
We  have  partnered with the Immigration lawyer  specializing in visa and the real  estate company dealing with foreigners.  Jobs Sakura Japan can provide one-stop  services from employment consultation, employment search, employment contract to visa application, housing search, daily life consultation.

2) For recruiting companies
We have partnered with the Immigration lawyer  specializing in visa and the real  estate company dealing with foreigners. The target workers are all foreigners in and outside of Japan.
Our strength is one-stop service from recruitment consultation, recruiting personnel search, employment contract to visa application, and housing search. We also offer optional services for foreigners’ s  various procedures and life consultation after starting to work.
The partner agents for overseas recruitment are currently Pakistan, Indonesia and Nepal and Malaysia. We are planning to increase the overseas partner agents We can introduce necessary human resources from above overseas countries.

3) Support for studying in Japan
One-stop support for school surveys, admission procedures, visa acquisition, and accommodation arrangements at the request of applicants living abroad.
The cost can be greatly reduced.
・In principle, no local agent fee is required
・Costs are cheap because various domestic procedures are directly supported

Please  send  your  study  plan  to  jobs.sakura@bestestate.co.jp firstly.

4) Introducing local human resources to companies planning to expand overseas
In tie-up with overseas partner agents , we can  introduce necessary personnel before entering the country.

Target person and company

Target foreigners

1) Foreign workers living in Japan that want to change job
2) Foreign residents living in Japan that want to start working in Japan
3) Foreign students studying in Japan
4) Foreign workers living outside Japan that want to work in Japan
5) Foreigners that want to get specified skilled  worker visa for work in Japan
6) Overseas students that want to study in Japan

Target  company

1) Companies planning to hire foreign workers
2) Companies planning to expand overseas  bussiness