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Support for Specified skilled worker visa acquisition

To apply for a specified skilled worker visa, it is necessary to pass the Japanese language test N4 and the skill test. The skill test will be conducted in Japanese in principle in Japan. It turns out that English-speaking foreigners staying in Japan have a high hurdle to study for the test. Preparation of teaching materials and guidance for the exam are necessary to pass, we felt.
This time , We have decided to start a small group training course for the skill test and Japanese language test in the field of the nursing care.

Outline of training course
1) target field: nursing care
2)training method:
nursing care skill test : Explanation of past test content and exercise practice
Japanese Language Proficiency Test: Exercise practice for N4 and nursing care words
3) training frequency: 3 times / month, 4 hours / time
4) Cost: 35,000 yen (including teaching materials)
5) Number of applicants: apply in groups of 3-5 (min. 3)
6) Date: Saturday or Sunday afternoon
7) How to apply: Send the information below to mail address below.
information / Name, age, nationality, current visa status, current job ,
email address, phone number
E-mail / jobs.sakura@bestestate.co.jp
Support after passing
Introduction of work place and visa application support